Camellia Grill

Stopped off at Camellia Grill on Carrollton today after picking some friends up at the airport. It was almost 2:30 when we got there and the place was still pretty packed. We waited about ten minutes outside before coming in to sit on the benches along the wall. About ten minutes later, we were sitting on stools in front of the counter.

I ordered the 6oz cheeseburger, dressed with fries and a chocolate shake. The patty isn’t particularly thick but is all meat and the buttered bun is a nice touch. Consider ordering an extra patty for an additional $2.39. Gillian got the red beans and rice with a hot sausage patty. She told me it was flavorful but without too much heat. Steve got the Chef’s Special Omelette with bacon, ham, potato, onion, American and Swiss cheese, topped with chili and a side of fries. He called it a heart attack on a plate but that didn’t stop him from eating every bite.

Open from 8am to 12am (except on Friday and Saturday when it is open to 2am), this place is a quintessential greasy spoon. The prices are good, the waiters are friendly and the food sticks to your ribs.

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