Feelings Cafe

I went out for brunch today in honor of Terry O’Neill’s (current president of the National Organization for Women) visit to New Orleans to speak on “Women Need Jobs, Not Cuts.” We went out to Feelings Cafe, a lovely restaurant in the Bywater area.

Feelings Cafe does a lot of Clemenceau dishes–a Creole style of cooking that generally includes peas and potatoes. While I love brabant potatoes (typically boiled then fried in butter and garlic), I really can’t stand peas. Therefore, I had the grillades and grits. The veal was tender but there was hardly any grits with the dish and hardly any cheese on what was supposed to be cheese grits.

I ended the meal with the French Silk pie. Rich but it had the mouth feel that the sugar hadn’t been completed combined before setting. I also had a bite of the combo peanut butter/chocolate pie that was quite delicious.

The service was very good and I definitely can see why the courtyard dining area gets consistently listed as one of the most romantic places to eat in the city.

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