Mother’s Restaurant

At the corner of Tchoupitoulas and Poydras is Mother’s Restaurant. They claim to have the world’s best baked ham. Now, I’m a salt fanatic and have about 19 different varieties of salt in my house. So when I say the ham at Mother’s is salty, I know what I’m talking about. If you do decide to go for the ham, get it on a Ferdi (ham, roast beef, debris and gravy poboy) and the salt will be balanced out.

Ham, notwithstanding, their Debris Poboy is absolutely fabulous. In a city that rates poboys not by stars but by the number of napkins it takes to wipe off your chin, this place ranks in the top 5. Additionally, they dress their poboy with cabbage instead of lettuce and that adds a crisp, clean crunch to each bite.

Don’t be discouraged if there is a line out the door. They turn the tables very quickly and you’ll soon be inside with a menu of your own. The new line winds past the food prep area, so you can see the various sides and other offerings before you move to the register to place your order.

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