Green Goddess

This place is mouth porn.

Hiding in Exchange Alley, Green Goddess has two wonderful chefs and a menu that defies a quick or easy decision. There are so many choices, I recommend bringing friends—they’ll love you for showing them this jewel and you have a better chance of trying more food by eating off their plates. As they only have seating for about 15 inside, just don’t bring too many.

I ordered the wild mushrooms in cream gravy on sweet potato biscuits with grits and found myself taking smaller and smaller bites just to be able to keep enjoying it. The stuffed French toast (stuffed with strawberries and goat cheese) had a multitude of flavor layers. The lox and blini was deconstructed on the plate and was quite a delight for the mouth.

To die for, though, is the “Notorious” Bacon Sundae. This thing starts with pecan praline ice cream, topped with a creamy bacon caramel sauce. Finally, there is whipped cream that they sprinkle with Pink Himalayan and Black Lava Salts and some bacon.

I’m going back soon for dinner and fully intend to take advantage of their extensive wine selection.


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